Developing and spreading knowledge

«Knowledge is the only good that increases when it is shared.» This quote by Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach also applies to patient safety. What is needed here is more knowledge and more data. The generation, dissemination and application of knowledge is therefore a core task of the Patient Safety Foundation.

Research and development

The development, sharing, dissemination and application of knowledge is a core task of Patient Safety Switzerland. The Foundation therefore also implements studies and research and development projects together with other public health actors.

The focus of the Foundation is on the identification and analysis of risks to patient safety and the development of evidence-based solutions.
Practical relevance and the scientific support and evaluation of solutions are essential - this applies to all the Foundation's activities. With this integrative approach, Patient Safety Switzerland promotes the transfer of knowledge from research to practice and vice versa. It organizes conferences, courses and training and makes scientific findings available in teaching and publications. In the Patient Safety Think Tank, the Foundation's experts deal with trends and discuss and evaluate developments and perspectives. The Foundation is a driving force for scientific and professional policy debate on patient safety issues.

In choosing its activities, the Foundation is guided by the following criteria: Relevance to patient safety, overall strategy of the Foundation, feasibility, availability of competencies and collaborations, and funding. The research and development projects therefore cover a broad range of topics.