Patient safety across the lifespan

In 2021, the week will take place from 13 to 17 September.

Throughout our lives, we can all depend on being provided with the greatest possible safety as patients!

The week of action intends to indicate that everyone can encounter patient safety in the lifetime. The actions: Buildings and monuments lit up in orange and the engagement will be brought into focus with knowledge cards on specific life situations and video actions derived from them.

  • WHAT An important element of the Swiss Action Week is to give healthcare institutions the opportunity to showcase their commitment to patient safety. This year, this will be made possible, using short videos, among other things.
  • WHY Through the week of action, the public will be made aware of the importance of patient safety. Furthermore, the commitment to the topic will be strengthened at all levels.
  • WHEN September 13-17, 2021.
  • SINCE WHEN For six years running, the Swiss Patient Safety Foundation has organized an action week in September. The week has been enhanced by the World Patient Safety Day on 17 September, a global WHO initiative.
  • WHERE Switzerland-wide and internationally.

Activities are planned on two tracks

I. Raise awareness: Buildings will shine in orange

On the night of 17 September 2020, 130 buildings or monuments in 35 countries worldwide were lit up in orange. In Switzerland, for example, the Jet d’Eau in Geneva glowed orange. The Foundation is working to ensure that as many buildings as possible are lit up in orange in Switzerland in the night from 17th to 18th September 2021 in order to increase participation in this international initiative:

  • Service providers: We ask all health institutions to light up a building in orange or hang an orange banner in a visible place on the night from 17th to 18th September 2021..
  • Cantons: With the involvement of the Conference of Swiss Health Directors, at least one monument in each cantonal capital should be chosen to be illuminated in orange.
  • Confederation: A national monument should also be illuminated in orange, for which we are seeking cooperation with a light artist.
  • Population: The photos of the illuminated buildings will be disseminated via a social media campaign to achieve maximum awareness.

Activities are planned on two tracks

II. Show engagement: Spreading the knowledge broadly

In order to communicate the topic of patient safety competently in terms of content, the Foundation is developing 11 knowledge cards entitled «Patient safety across the lifespan»: specific patient safety risks and possible measures are presented in 11 concrete life situations between birth and end of life. All healthcare institutions are invited to describe their own patient safety actions using short videos.

The knowledge cards fulfil the following functions:

  • Service providers can present up to 3 of their patient safety activities using the cards by creating short videos. For this we have prepared a guide for you (German, French, Italian).
  • The videos are posted on the Foundation’s homepage during the week of action and shared via social media channels. The result is a «map» of patient safety activities in the Swiss healthcare system.
  • The cards can also be used for internal information campaigns in the health institutions.
  • Embedded in a social media campaign, the aim is also to raise awareness of patient safety issues among the public and the media.

Join in - Here's how!

Who can participate with which measures?

As a representative of a health institution:

  • Illuminate a part of the building in orange or hang up a banner or poster in orange.
  • Shoot 1-3 videos on patient safety measures that are successfully implemented in my institution (one video per measure). For this we have prepared a guide for you (German, French, Italian).

As a representative of an association or a healthcare organization:

  • Illuminate a monument or building (or a part) in orange or hang up a banner or poster in orange.

As a private person:

  •     Illuminate a window in orange.

Please register your activities!
That we know which and how many activities are taking place and can also refer to them during the week in our campaign and on our homepage, we ask you to register your activities. If you have registered, you will also be informed directly about our campaign activities.

Dr. Yvonne Pfeiffer

Scientific collaborator
Project Manager Week of Action 2021
+41 43 244 14 85, Mail


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