The Foundation is systematically committed to promote patient safety in the Swiss healthcare system. It combines the scientific, specialized and health system-related expertise of different disciplines. The focus is set on the transition into medical care.

Main tasks

The Foundation identifies and analyzes patient safety risks. Therefore, it conducts data collection, case analyses and risk assessments. The Foundation monitors international scientific evidence and exchanges information with national and international experts. In addition, it develops measures to reduce safety risks by developing innovative intervention strategies and recommendations for action and designing national patient safety programs. Through its involvement in education, training and continuing education, its scientific publications and its consultations in committees, expert groups and assessments, Patient Safety Switzerland implements and disseminates its expertise and knowledge - nationally and internationally.


We see patient safety as a system issue.

  • We think and act systemically.
  • We act in dialogue with practice, science and politics.
  • Our work is evidence-based, problem-oriented and of high quality.
  • Our activities are characterized by inter-professional, inter-organizational and intersectoral, partnership-based and target group-oriented approaches.
  • We evaluate our activities and, where possible, demonstrate its impact.
  • We reflect on our experiences and learn from our mistakes.
  • We are neutral in terms of party politics.

Courses of action

  • Raise awareness and sensitize people to the problem,
  • Strengthen knowledge and competencies,
  • Change the behavior of individuals and organizations,
  • Analyze and improve structures and framework conditions.

Core tasks

  • Identifying and analyzing safety risks for patients,
  • the development and piloting of measures to reduce them, and
  • the dissemination and implementation of expertise and knowledge.

Strategy 2021-2025


The Foundation's long-term raison d'être is to improve patient safety and promote a culture of safety in the Swiss healthcare system. We will contribute to a significant measurable reduction of avoidable harm to patients in the context of healthcare. We will ensure that patient safety and its actual improvement are given the highest priority in all quality activities in the case of upcoming changes in the general conditions.


In five years, the Patient Safety Foundation has expanded its role as a center of excellence. It continues to be a leading force and has contributed significantly to measurably improving patient safety and decisively promoting and changing the safety culture in the Swiss healthcare system.

Priority areas 2021-2025

Top priorities

  1. Learning from mistakes: The model for case analysis of incidents will be updated and applied and disseminated within the framework of courses and analysis offers.
  2. Monitoring of system safety: We want to develop a system- and learning-oriented recording and analysis system for serious events ("never events") and establish it in the Swiss healthcare system.
  3. Outpatient sector / hotspot diagnostic safety: We investigate and promote the patient safety of the diagnostic process in the outpatient sector, in particular that of the transmission of findings.
  4. Decision makers as key to effective change: We develop, test, and disseminate a toolkit for leadership engagement in patient safety.

    Existing areas of action are pursued in a targeted manner.

Further development of the organization

  1. Increase the breadth of our engagement content and anchor our activities permanently.
  2. Expand the spectrum of our impact mechanisms and use them in a targeted manner.
  3. By intensifying our activities, to trigger a national trend in favor of patient safety and to be permanently in the lead.
  4. Consistently provide evidence of efficacy.
  5. Maintain the close link between research and implementation in practice as our strength.
  6. Strengthen the anchoring in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino.